253 formation


The 253 formation in Hattrick can be summed up in: combat cock, attack my brave ones! Alignment based on having all possible possession and a beastly attack to raze the rivals. Normally the defenses are not defenses, or are secondary defenses to support the midfield (plays) or the attack (side).

Standard mode (most used)


The two defenses are usually used to achieve even more midfield, and outperform most teams that use 5 midfielders, so players with offensive moves are used here to reinforce midfield.

Another option is to use side fenders, placed in the bands as ‘offensive’, to further increase the attack without using ends in the midfield.


Key piece in hattrick, and more in this formation. It’s about mastering the ball yes or yes. For this, the extremes are usually midfielders, with the order ‘towards the middle’. They can also be offensive extremes, but the midfield descent may not compensate for the increase in the attack.


Here the three musketeers to mark everything they have, can be put to the side to reinforce the bands.


In defense:

Two options for defenses, as we have said before:

– both as central ‘offensive’ defenses, essential to have plays. With this you reinforce the midfield.

– posts as offensive side fenders, must have side. This increases the attack by the band.

– you can also use one of each.

In midfield:

– usually put on ‘offensive’, using midfielders with plays and passes. Thus you reinforce (even more the attack).

At ends:

The big decision:

– ends with plays placed in ‘towards the middle’, to increase midfield.

– ends with a side set to ‘offensive’, to increase the side attack.

Normally with this tactic we try to crush the opponent, so we will want more midfield. But as always, it depends on the matches.

In front

– put in normal, we guarantee a very high attack with three players up here.

– with the order ‘towards the side’ we can spread attack on the bands.

– a defensive forward (players with plays, scores and passes) can also be used here to further strengthen the midfield.

Workouts and 253

Goalkeepers : in all formations a goalkeeper plays, therefore 253 is as good for goal as any other.

Defense : obviously disastrous. Only two defenses ..

Playmaking : fits perfectly, training 5 midfielders and increasing half a week to week.

Winger : another possible option, but only if we use the two defenses as lateral defenses. Otherwise, disastrous option.

Scoring : along with plays, the best main training for 253, as you train three strikers , which will provide more attack. Of those strikers, one can be a midfielder to create a ‘defensive striker’ (players with plays, scoring and passing).

Other : ‘short passes’ also fits very well with this formation, training 8 players in one skill that benefits them a lot. ‘Side attacks’ may have its place here, although one of the strikers (the center) will not use his side.

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