550 formation

Knock knock, who is it? The rival striker, who can’t find the door. The 550 formation in hatrick is used to defend you which cat belly up. In theory it is good: a lot of possession to take away attacks from the rival, and a lot of defense to stop him the few he has. In practice, Hattrick usually punishes defensive approaches, and you will see how too many times very weak attacks penetrate your wall of 5 men. Frustrating.

Standard mode (most used)


Five defenses, long live the catenaccio, a wall to remember. Generally the lateral defenses are put in ‘defensive’, and the central ones or in ‘normal’ or in ‘towards the lateral one’, to compensate well the defense.


Five midfielders, as the ends are often used ‘towards the middle’, increasing the midfield more. It’s about stealing every possible chance from the rival.


Cri – cri – cri.


In defense:

Although the 550 is usually to forget about the attack, we do have teams that try to attack by one or two bands. For this a useful piece is the side fenders in ‘normal’, but they must have ‘lateral’. They can also be used in ‘offensive’, but you have to see if it’s worth lowering the defense further.

In midfield:

They are usually left in ‘normal’ to have the maximum possible possession, but if you have midfielders with ‘defense’ they can be put in ‘defensive’ to finish rounding the defensive wall. < / p>

At ends:

Most of the teams that have used the 550 have done so with their ends ‘towards the middle’, being the midfielder extremes (players with ‘plays’).

However, to get some attack you can use an ‘offensive’ end (player with ‘side’), for trying to achieve attack in a band.

In front

There are no strikers around here.

Workouts and 550

Goalkeepers : in all formations a goalkeeper plays, therefore the 550 is as good for goal as any other.

Defense : perfect, 5 defenses and the wall getting taller …

Playmaking : very good too, maximum midfielders. But you might want to use those midfielders for more useful things, as we say, score goals ..

Winger: Winger fits well with the 550, trying to get attacks by the bands training to extremes and defenses , based on a brutal defense and a good midfield.

Scoring : Obviously not.

Other : ‘long passes’ also fits very well with this formation, training no less than 10 players, however, you will not improve sportively. Economically yes, you can sell your midfielders and defenses with passes, it can be a great business.

‘Defensive positions’ would also fit here, since you train 10 players in a main skill. But you will need so much patience.

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