Assistant Coach

In hattrick you can hire Assistant Coaches so as to increase the training speed.



These assistant coaches increase the training speed, so your players will improve their skills faster.

They have a lower impact than the coach has, so first of all you need to have a good coach. If you already have one good coach, you could think about hiring some assistant coaches.

You can hire up to three assistant coaches.

If you have more than one assistant coach, their levels will be added. That means that talking about training speed, one level 4 assistant has the same effect as two level 2 assistants.

In the previous example, if you choose only one level 4 assistant, your costs will be higher, however you will only fill one staff slot instead of two.

The next table shows the training speed increase depending on the assistant level:

Therefore in the next table you can check the cheapest options depending on the assistants level, and the most suitable options thinking on the free staff slots you need. The column named “Number (Level)” shows the number of assistants and the level of each assistant.

As you can see, hiring assistants with lower level is always cheaper than hiring less assistants with higher level. However the speeding increase will be exactly the same.
But you need to take into consideration the fact that there are only five staff slots for all your staff members (Assistants, Medic, Spokeperson, Form Coach, Psychologist and Economist), so you should make the decission between using less slots spending more money or saving money by using more slots.

However this assistants have a negative effect because they increase your injuries risk as we can see in the next table

The column named “Injuries” shows the injury risk probability. Without any assistant this probability is 40%, but it can increase excessively with an high assistant level as we can see in the next table:

If you are thinking about training with highest speed, the biggest problem is the increase the injuries risk suffers . You can reduce this risk hiring a Medic, a member staff you can learn about at the staff post.



We all want to train as fast as possible because of the positive effects training has in our team performances. In addition we can sell our trainable players sooner due to this increase. However, hiring the highest level (five level 5 assistants) does not seem to be the most suitable choice for an average team. This is due to the high costs and the injury risk. With five level 5 assistants you will spend more than one million per season, and the team injury risk will be near 80%. This is unaffordable.

Wich is the best choice? It is hard to make a decission for all teams, as each team will prefer a different option. In Ocerin we allways recommend to look at your budget. How much money can you afford? One priority goal for your team is to have a positive balance sheet every two weeks, so you need to be careful at the moment you hire assistants coaches, trying to not make crazy decissions.



In the next link you will find the comparison between the Assistant Coaches and the Old Assistant System (in effect until April 2014).

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