On the finance page in hattrick you can see your budget for this week and the financial status of last week. It is divided between Income and Expenses.


  • Ticket Revenue: here will be added the income from ticket sales of the league matches you play in your field, and the Cup matches (if you play it). The friendly ones too (although they are very low).
  • Sponsors: weekly you will receive a certain amount of money here, which will depend on the mood of the sponsors.
  • Sale of players: the money you receive when selling to a player (discounting% transfer).
  • Commissions: You can receive small extra income if another team sells a player that bought you. Also if a youth squad who is on another team is sold.
  • Others: here the end of season prizes are added: league prizes or cup prizes.


  • Salary Expenses: here you pay the weekly salary of all your players. Stadium maintenance: every week you pay a fee to keep your stadium ready.
  • Stadium construction: if you have built or demolished bleachers, the cost will appear here. Employees: each employee has a different salary according to their level, the total sum appears in this section.
  • Youth: the weekly costs of the youth academy, or the weekly investment in your talent scout network.
  • Purchase of players: the money you have paid to sign players appears here (purchase price + a salary).
  • Others: this includes the dismissals of employees (you have to pay them their weekly salary as compensation), the costs of ascending to a youth (2,000), or those of putting a player for sale (1,000).
  • Interest: if you have borrowed, the bank will charge you interest on the debt, they will appear here. If you need help on how to better manage your finances in hattrick, you can visit the Financial Strategies section.

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