Form and stamina

Form and stamina are two player skills in Hattrick. However, these are rather special skills: they have an impact on all players, regardless of where they play.



Hattrick rules define form as a player’s mental state. Therefore, it’s not a skill like the others, but it has an influence on all the other player’s skills. Consequently, it’s extremely important, but also rather unpredictable.

Current and hidden form

A player’s current form is the form we can see in his page, and it’s an important factor to know how each player will perform. When other skills are the same, the one with the highest form will offer the best performance.

Current form changes after each training, converging towards the hidden form value – which, as the name suggests, we cannot know. For instance, a player with inadequate current form and solid hidden form will probably see his form increase in the next training session.

However, we need to keep in mind that the stamina training percentage has a negative effect on current form. The higher your stamina percentage, the worse its influence in current form (it won’t grow as quickly towards hidden form if this is high, and it will decrease more quickly if hidden form is low).


How do I make hidden form increase?

After the previous introduction, it is clear that we need to keep hidden form high, so that current form converges towards it. And to answer the opening question, well, hidden form is rather random, as all players have the same probability of it changing. However, there are four factors that can have a positive influence on it:

1. Whether the player has played any match during the week. This is the most important factor. It doesn’t matter whether he played 1 minute or 180 – he just needs to play.
2. Training intensity: – the higher it is, the higher the chance to have a high hidden form.
3. Your coach level: – the higher it is, the higher the chance to have a high hidden form.
4. Form coach: after hidden form gets updated, if you have hired a form coach, he will give hidden form a small, level-dependant boost.

Keep in mind that your stamina percentage does NOT affect hidden form, only current form.


Why do I have players with low form?

As we said before, hidden form is rather random, which means that usually some of our players will maintain a low form level, even if he plays once a week. Maybe he’s been dumped by his girlfriend, his PlayStation has stopped working or his son has got bad grades. Playing every week and training hard with a solid trainer isn’t going to make up for such tragedies.



Player stamina also has quite a bit of importance, particularly in the matches’ last minutes, since the lower the stamina level, the more tired a player gets, which lowers his performance significantly.

– A player with formidable stamina does not get tired.
– It’s most common to have players with solid or excellent stamina.
– A player with excellent stamina will keep it up until approximately minute 80.
– A player with solid stamina will offer his best until about minute 40, he’ll recover during the break and then get tired again around minute 75.
– Your players’ stamina level dpeends on your stamina training percentage.
– The older a player is, the more difficult it is to keep him with a high stamina level.
– After matches, you can see how much a player’s performance dropped during the game by seeing how many stars he got every 5 minutes.


Remark: Hattrick’s rating predictor does NOT take stamina into account, which causes a player with formidable stamina to look the same as one with weak stamina. This will only be the case during the first 20 minutes, but the player with weak stamina will lose performance after about 20 minutes.

If you want to compare your players’ performance according to their stamina, you can use the integrated stamina calculator in our Android app.

In order to decide on a fitting stamina percentage, check “Stamina percentage”.


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