Manager License

Here we will explain Hattrick’s Manager License. This License is a series of small challenges which aims to help new users better understand the game.

It’s important to go through it, since it will give you basic information and also because completing it will give you a hefty amount of money for your team (250 000 €, 250 000 USD or 166 667 £).

Update (2015): this License has changed over time, as some challenges have been added, removed or reordered. Thanks to synthetic7man’s help, we now have the most up-to-date version.

You can consult at any time your License status in My Hattrick > License.


Challenge No. 1: Follow the guide!

Bounty: 0

Just complete the guided visit at the beginning of the game to know your team members.


Challenge No. 2: In case of emergency…

Bounty: 0

You’ll need to give in a valid e-mail address in case Hattrick needs to get in touch with you urgently. Instead of an e-mail account, your Facebook account will also work.


Challenge No. 3: Blessed homesoil!

Bounty: 15 000 €, 15 000 USD or 10 000 £

Just go to “My Club”, then “Stadium” and choose to change its name. Pick one you like; you can change it every time you like, although it costs 4 000 €, 4 000 USD or 2 667 £.


Challenge No. 4: Organise a friendly game!

Bounty: 20 000 €, 20 000 USD or 13 667 £

Every week we can (and should) play a friendly match. In order to do this, go to “My Club” and “Challenges”. There are two ways of setting up friendlies, either by challenging a certain team or entering the friendly pool.

The second option is much quicker and simpler. On the top right corner you can add your team to the friendly pool: just choose the options (country, stadium and rules) and you’ll be ready to go! When the system finds an opponent for you, it will set up a match automatically.


Challenge No. 5: Outsmart your opponent!

Bounty: 20 000 €, 20 000 USD or 13 667 £

This is about sending a lineup for a match. Go to My Club, then Matches and there pick a match and click on the lineup icon. There you’ll enter the orders window – just choose the players you want for this match and hit “Send Orders”!


Challenge No. 6: Show me the money!

Bounty: 15 000 €, 15 000 USD or 10 000 £

You’ll just need to check your finances in My Club > Finances.


Challenge No. 7: You don’t have to do everything yourself!

Bounty: 20 000 €, 20 000 USD or 13 667 £

In Hattrick you can hire several different types of staff; this challenge is completed when you hire one of any kind. Just go to My Club -> Staff and hire one.


Challenge No. 8: Practice makes perfect

Bounty: 20 000 €, 20 000 USD or 13 667 £

You need to go to My Club > Training and then choose a training type. This is an important decision, but also one that you can change at any time.


Challenge No. 9: Call in some reinforcements!

Bounty: 15 000 €, 15 000 USD or 10 000 £

Hattrick’s transfer market is a set of auctions, which means that you’ll have to bid for players. In order to complete this challenge you don’t need to win an auction, just to bid once. On the top right corner you have the transfer symbol (X). There you can choose the search parameters. Look for any player and then make the minimum bid (1 000 €, 1 000 USD or 667 £) for any.


Challenge No. 10: You are the weakest link. Goodbye!

Bounty: 15 000 €, 15 000 USD or 10 000 £

Open your worst player’s page, click on “sell” and set an starting price of 1 000 €, 1 000 USD or 667 £ for him. It doesn’t matter whether he is actually sold; you only need to put him on the transfer list.


Challenge No. 11: Free advice for the taking!

Bounty: 15 000 €, 15 000 USD or 10 000 £

In the top menu click on Forum, look for one you like and enter it.


Challenge No. 12: Win, Lose or Draw?

Bounty: 15 000 €, 15 000 USD or 10 000 £

In My Club > Matches look for a match from your team which has already been played to read the match report.


Challenge No. 13: Bureaucracy rules!

Bounty: 25 000 €, 25 000 USD or 16 667 £

You will get a link in which you can send your data to the GameMasters. Fill in the form and send it. When GMs review it (which usually takes 1 to 3 days), the challenge will be complete.


Challenge No. 14: The future is yours!

Bounty: 10 000 €, 10 000 USD or 6 667 £

Go to My Club > Youth team > Overview to give a look at your youth team squad. This is enough to complete the challenge. If you want more information, check our post about the youth team.


Challenge No. 15: Open, sesame!

Bounty: 15 000 €, 15 000 USD or 10 000 £

Go to Help and then click the Hattrick Supporter link below About Supporter.


Challenge No. 16: Want more?

Bounty: 10 000 €, 10 000 USD or 6 667 £

Even though you’d normally have to pay real money to get Credits, this time they’re free (so that you can complete the challenge). Open the Shop and in the left menu choose Hattrick Credits: this way you’ll get 3 Credits for free.


Challenge No. 17: Just can’t get enough?

Bounty: 15 000 €, 15 000 USD or 10 000 £

Go to My Hattrick > Community > CHPP Products and then click on “All products”. Here you’ll be able to read all the available programs which can give you some help. These programs have been developed by game users and have been authorized by Hattrick.

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