Hattrick player skills

Hattrick players have lots of different skills. Here we’ll be making a brief introduction to them.



It decides how much a player’s performance drops during the match. If it’s formidable (the maximum), the player will not get tired at all. In practice, having stamina values around excellent is best, although it’s difficult to keep old players with a stamina level above solid (unless you sacrifice lots of training).



This decides how well a player performs; the higher his form, the better he’ll do. You can use Hattrick’s Rating predictor to compare players with different form levels.



This is the ability to keep control of the ball, which gives your team opportunities to score (and also takes them away from the rivals). This is most important for midfielders, but other players can also make a contribution.



This decides your team’s attack ratings, which will make your attacks end up as goals. It is most important for forwards.



Defense increases your team’s defense ratings, which help stop your rivals’ attacks. This is most important for defenders, but midfielders can also make good use of it.



This increases your team’s side attacks ratings, which will make your wing attacks become actual goals. Any player can take advantage of this skill with the right individual order.



This is just for the goalie – and it helps improve your team’s defensive ratings, which help stop your rivals’ attacks.



It helps to improve your team’s attack ratings. **It also helps improve the level of some tactics.**


Set pieces

This skill helps scoring from free kicks, penalties and corner throws, **as well as improving your defense against these**.

** If you want to see how exactly each skill affects each position, check the article on positions. **


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