Another aspect to consider about your players is their “Fidelity” towards your club.

Loyalty to your club is increasing over time, and makes players perform better, feeling more attached to your team.

When you sign a player, he will be faithful at the lowest level (disastrous). As the days go by, it will increase. The maximum of fidelity (divine) is reached at 3 seasons of being signed (that is, at 48 weeks).

At that (divine) point your players will yield one more level per skill. That is, if you have a player with formidable plays and insufficient passes, when he reaches divine fidelity he will perform as an outstanding plays and acceptable passes that had disastrous fidelity.

While they are increasing fidelity, their performance is increasing. For example, a player who has been in the club for a season will perform better than one with the same skills signed today.

If you chip a player, loyalty will be reset to disastrous (although in the past it would have been on your team).

The players of your quarry will always have divine level.

In addition, for being canteranos, they will obtain even more bonus. Comparing a player signed from outside with already divine fidelity, and a youth player, the youth player will yield 0.5 more levels in all his abilities.

This fact is reflected with a heart-shaped icon next to the player.

Interestingly, if you sell a youth player you lose that ‘heart’ forever, since if one day you would buy it again, he will not have it again. You can re-raise the loyalty to divine, but as if it were a player signed from another team.

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