Set pieces

What is set pieces in hattrick for? Is it necessary for all players to have a high level in a standing ball, or with one that throws well is enough?

The set pieces influences several events.

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Direct releases

The direct throws (fouls and penalties) account for 66% of the total moves to the set pieces. In this event, you have a foul or penalty in favor, in which the player you have designated as the pitcher in the line-up takes the throw. At that time, the level of the set pieces by that player is compared with the goal level and the set pieces by the rival goalkeeper.

Therefore, to record these events, it is necessary to have a player with a high standing ball ability.

Indirect releases

Indirect throws account for 33% of the moves to the set pieces. In these events, your team has a foul in favor, but instead of shooting directly at the goal, they pass the ball to dislodge the rival defense and score.

To achieve the goal , your team uses its level of attack on indirect fouls, made in order of importance by the following skills,

1- The average level of annotation of your field players (that is, without counting the goalkeeper)

2- The average level of set pieces of your field players (again without counting the goalkeeper =

3- The level of the set pieces of the player designated as a foul thrower.

These skills of the team that has the launch are compared to the average level of indirect defense of the team that defends the launch , taking into account the following skills again in order of importance ,

1- The average level of defense of the field players (not counting the goalkeeper)

2- The average level of the set pieces by the field players (not counting the goalkeeper)

3- The goalkeeper’s goal level

4- The level of the goalkeeper’s set pieces.

Building your team

Seeing the necessary skills of set pieces in hattrick it is important to have a good ball pitcher stopped to score direct throws (which are 2 out of 3). In addition to having a player with the highest possible level of set pieces, it is useful to maintain a medium level not very low in the other players. How to get it? When signing a player, it is difficult to sign him with a set pieces high. And it is almost impossible to have the whole team with a high level. Many teams take advantage of the preseason to give a pair of set pieces workouts that go up 1 or 2 levels to each player (at low levels, set pieces is very fast, go up one level per week) to quickly increase the team average.

Also remember that set pieces influences the corner throws (corner kicks) , since set pieces of the pitcher is taken into account, and also the offensive level of indirect free of the team.

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