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First of all, what is a special goal event? They are plays of the game caused by players with specialty. These plays have the peculiarity that they are independent of the attack and defense taken by the teams they face. That is, they can give you goals on the margin of your normal attacks. The more ball possession you have, the more options you will have to create a special event.

Are they important?

Reading the previous paragraph you will have already been able to deduce that yes. They can decant the outcome of a match or round a win, for example. But beware, there are them for and against.


These players can use their passing ability to create long passes by surprise, and their scoring ability to intercept a rival pass and score a goal; In addition, just because they are unpredictable, they can invent an opportunity to score from nothing. If they are defenses or midfielders they can also make an inexplicable mistake that gives opponents a chance to score. The less defense they have, the more likely they will make an unpredictable mistake.


These players can create a goal opportunity by sprinting if they are extreme or forward. They can do the sprint to score themselves, or to give a goal pass to another player on your team. This occasion can be countered by the opposing team with a defense (or midfielder) that is also fast or has the defense ability high enough to stop the sprint.


The technical ends or strikers can create an occasion if they have a midfielder or header defense ahead.


⇒ Ends with enough Lateral skill can create an opportunity that should be topped by another end or a forward. The more annotation the player who receives the center has, the more likely it will end in goal. And if it is header, even more.

⇒ Corner: To score on a corner kick, your player designated as a foul thrower must have a good enough level on a stopped ball and the player who finishes the corner kick must have a good enough level on scoring. In addition, the more headers you have among your field players (the corner kicker does not count) and the lower the number of headers among your important field players, the more options you have to score. And therefore the more headers you have, the better you will defend the corners against.

⇒ Experience: Experienced front and front can mark using that experience. On the contrary, the less experienced defenders and midfielders can perform nonsense and grant the opponent a chance to score.

⇒ Tiredness: Defenses and midfielders tired due to their resistance can make mistakes that give your opponent a chance to score.

Weather events

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Unlike the previous ones, these events are not going to give you goals directly, but they can improve the performance of your players. You will know that you had a weather event because it will be reflected in the report. The event lasts from the minute it is reported until the end of the game.

⇒ Technical: Technical players earn some Annotation and Plays with the sun, and lose some of these same abilities with the rain.

⇒ Powerful : Powerful players win some Annotation, Defense and Plays in the rain and lose some Annotation with the sun. They also get tired more with sunshine.

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