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A question that always assails us is, how to choose the percentage of resistance in hattrick? As we have seen with the “Resistance Calculator”, resistance is very important especially towards the middle of the second part, where players with good or less get tired minute by minute. What percentage of resistance is appropriate according to age? In Ocerin we have done a study.

First we comment on how we did the study. We opened a topic in the Ocerin forum in which we asked each user to tell us his% resistance, his% training intensity, and then a list of the players he had on staff with his current resistance. Not all players, only those who played a game a week.

With these data we prepare the following table:

Notes on the table:

  • The vast majority of Ocerin users participated, and their data is reliable as they were verified.
  • Even so there were sections that were left with little data, so we took average values ​​in groups of percentages.
  • 17-18 year old players are usually newly promoted from the quarry, so their resistance is low although the team trains a high percentage of resistance.
  • Few users trained resistance to more than 25%, and only two did so at 30%.

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