Strategies. Interest and Bankruptcy.

In this section we will talk about financial strategies in hattrick . Interest and bankruptcy . (a fundamental part of the game), as well as interests and what bankruptcy is, how to get out of it and how to avoid it.


Financial strategies in hattrick - Ocerin Guide

Strategy A: biweekly positive balance.

To avoid entering negative numbers, the best option is to have a “positive biweekly balance”. We say ‘biweekly’ considering that you play a week in your field and another one outside it. When you play outside your field it is normal for you to have a negative balance that week (because you will not charge for lockers), but when you play at home you should compensate. Thus your team is improving with a stable staff, earning money every two weeks. When you need to renew players, you sell to the one you no longer want and along with the savings, you get to buy better players.

Strategy B: the market as salvation.

Although the biweekly balance is negative, when the team enters negative a player is sold and you are positive again. To do this you must have “merchandise players”, signed to train them and sell them when the team is sinking economically. This is done Daytrading or Steptrading.

Strategy C: positive balance + marketing.

Combine the previous two. You have a positive biweekly balance, and you also earn money by marketing with Daytrading or Steptrading. The great advantage with respect to Strategy B, is that if during a season you do not have much free time to dedicate to hattrick, your team continues to generate money, so it is never in danger. And regarding Strategy A, in times when you have more free time, you manage to accumulate even more money.

Financial tips for hattrick - Ocerin Guide

Financial advice.

  • To maintain the positive biweekly balance, especially you have to watch the game “salaries”, since it is easy to be blinded by having better players because you can pay your signing, and then realize that They charge so much that you can’t keep them. Another game that many teams usually have excessively high is “Employees.” Check the “Employees” section to not throw money in this item.
  • In summary, to progress in hattrick you have to watch your finances especially, as they will be the basis of your long-term growth. It is really very easy to summarize: “do not spend more than you enter”, always referring to the biweekly balance (week playing away from home + week playing at home).
  • Strategy B can allow you to make momentary sprints, which can be prolonged according to the patience and free time you have to devote to buying – training – selling. But hattrick is a long-term game, and if you use Strategies A or C you can overtake those tired sprinters.
  • We recommend starting with Strategy A, and little by little if you look forward to it and you can go deeper into the ins and outs of Daytrading and Steptrading.

Interests in hattrick - Ocerin Guide


All hattrick teams have agreed with the bank a “credit line” of 500,000 euros. This means that if you run out of money (below 0 euros) your equipment will continue to work, although it will appear that you have “negative money”. You have to keep in mind that every week that you are “negative” you will have to pay interest for the negative amount. The more debt more interest. So it is advisable to try to leave this situation as soon as possible.

Hattrick Bankruptcy - Ocerin Guide


  • What happens if you reach less than -500,000 euros? Hattrick is not allowed to owe so much money, so you will get a “bankruptcy” notice. It means you owe more than 500,000 euros, andthat if you do not solve the situation in two weeks you will run out of equipment in hattrick. Therefore you have to fix it quickly. Also keep in mind that you will be paying interest, making it increasingly difficult to get out of the well.
  • If you have already gone bankrupt, you will need drastic and urgent measures. And the only drastic and urgent thing is … to sell a player, even if he is the owner of your team. If you can’t get out of those -500,000 you will lose your equipment. Desperate situations require desperate measures.
  • Saving yourself from bankruptcy by selling to a player does not mean you should not take further action. You must analyze why you came to that situation. If it was due to excessive expenses in the market, the solution is easy: do not repeat them. If it is a structural problem of your team (you spend more than you enter) you need an urgent restructuring to reach the “Strategy A” discussed at the beginning of this post.

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